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Our system is based on the most up to date IT solutions. At the same time, PowerVizor is a modular system that can use already existing IT systems and components at a customer side.

Data collection
IoT gateway
Data storing
Aggregates Database
Online Database
Data processing and transformation
Data presentation
User interface
PowerVizor includes the following functional modules
<span>Technological</span><br> <span>monitoring</span>
<span>Personnel</span><br> <span>work analysis</span>
work analysis
<span>Energy market </span><br> <span>order</span>
Energy market
<span>TEI calculation</span>
TEI calculation
<span>Measurement</span><br> <span>analysis</span>
<span>Load calculator</span>
Load calculator
<span>Power units </span><br> <span>status calendar</span>
Power units
status calendar
Questions addressed

to PowerVizor
How to get data from technology control systems without making a request to the shop floor?
The system allows to remotely use the functionality of the APCS for the presentation of technological data through connection to unit/local ACS, commercial and technical accounting systems. Technological frames with information about the measurements of the technological process in real time, trends, dashboards, diagrams based on historical data become available, an alarm about a change (setpoint output) of technological parameters is configured, the user is informed about it by mail/messenger.
How to simplify the regular process of technical and economic calculations?
Performing automated calculations of technical and economic indicators (efficiency, specific fuel equivalent consumption etc.) for a selected period or on a regular basis according to standard forms or according to the form chosen by the customer. Automatic calculation of operating time of mechanisms, utilization rates, availability and other parameters important for assessing wear.
How to get rid of paper workflow in technological areas and digitize service accounting?
Thanks to online accounting tools, defect logs, audit logs, crawl logs, equipment inspections, work planning logs, work permit system (according to Operating and Maintenance Rules and Rules of Technical Operation of Electric Installations of Consumers) are kept, repair planning is carried out.
How to improve the efficiency of the operating staff?
The assessment of the operating staff actions and their impact on deviations of the mode parameters from the regime map is calculated automatically. Information is provided on the deviation of each specific parameter to shift employees, management, line management and HR.
How to quickly get a report on emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere?
Connection to automatic gas analysers and flue gas monitoring systems with pre-configured reports allows to promptly report dangerous deviations of important parameters and generate reports on approved forms for the required period.
How much electricity does production consume? Is it possible to reduce its spending?
Integration of an AMR system and technological electricity metering systems makes it possible to quickly monitor and assess the situation at the enterprise as a whole, to plan for future periods and to prevent unnecessary expenses.
How to establish operational interaction between the production department and traders?
Collecting data on planned production volumes, determining technical minimums and maximums for identification of limits on trading operations, consolidating information and transferring it in a convenient form and format for further work accelerates interaction between departments and makes it more accurate.
How much fuel is in the warehouse now?
Data from automated sampling systems, connection of wagon and belt scales to automate the accounting of wagons and coal accounting allow assessing the balance and efficiency of the warehouse.
How we implement PowerVizor
Primary audit
Primary audit
Plunging into the problematic
Collection and approval of requirements
Collection and approval of requirements
Creating a document (together with the customer) with the requirements for the system
Design and implementation
Design and implementation
Adaptation of our solution to a specific customer case
Acceptance testing
Acceptance testing
Customer's acceptance of the implemented system functionality
Pilot industrial operation
Pilot industrial operation
System commissioning, full operational support
Industrial use
Industrial use
Transfer of the system to the Customer’s support, or our support of a cloud solution
About us
We work as an integrator of automation systems for technological processes. INTENGIN specializes in engineering, creation of software and industrial complexes, development of applied software for automated control of technology, installation of instrumentation and analytical equipment.
Since 2017
We invest in the development of our own software products, including software for monitoring the vibration state of VibroVizor large rotary machines and PowerVizor software for solving monitoring problems, optimization and coordination of processes in the production of electrical and thermal energy, process production of various types.
When implementing projects, we always move from technological tasks that underlie the operational processes of our customers to the required result. We offer comprehensive solutions, covering the tasks of field-level data collection, secure data transmission, storage and processing. We are a multi-vendor company and always meet the client halfway when choosing equipment for creating control systems and technological monitoring.
Our staff is our key asset
We invest in our employees the maximum of the necessary knowledge, which, in combination with extensive practice at existing enterprises, gives the result of maximum innovation, scientificity and processability. The systems built by us are based on the principle of the necessary sufficiency and scalability of the solution from a separate workshop to industrial complexes and factories.
Why us
  • Unique solution
    Unique solution
  • Modern technologies
    Modern technologies
  • Engineering approach
    Engineering approach
Why is the system interface does not look like modern WEB applications?
There are two reasons. First, such an interface design does not involve additional modules that can affect the data transfer rate from sensors, displaying data almost online. Second, the system users are used to this kind of design style for industrial systems. If you need an individual visual design of the system, we are ready to implement it.
Is the system applicable to non-energy industrial facilities?
Yes, it is. Certainly. In any process production, there is a need to monitor and analyse numerous metrics and indicators, planning production volumes, to analyse the quality of shift work of staff and calculating TEI. Solving all these problems is the key function of our system.
How long does it take to implement the system?
The duration of the project depends on numerous factors. At the same time, we do our best so that the entire project does not last more than 5 months. We understand that quick results are important for our clients, and therefore we will divide even the most complex project into phases so that each of them can meet these terms.
Is it a cloud system?
Initially, the system was designed for being installed in a cloud. We are currently using Amazon cloud infrastructure services. At the same time, if necessary, we can install the system both on the client’s server capacities and in the data center.
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